Episode 9

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24th Nov 2021

Using Donor Management to Improve Your Fundraising

You’ve cultivated a great list of donors, you’ve launched an annual appeal, and the gifts are starting to come in. So far, so good. But what information are you capturing about your donors so that you can better target them for the next campaign? Are you doing the right things to move your donors along the path from the first gift to what will hopefully be many more later? And then there’s your list – is it the same list you use year after year? Can you make it better?

These are just some of the questions that nonprofits ask themselves on a daily basis. Donors are everything, and with the right information, you can maximize the potential of each donor. To give us a background on using donor management to improve fundraising, we have two guests on the show today: Jill McCarville, VP of Marketing, and Mitchell Bruce, Senior Account Executive, both from iWave. iWave is a top-rated donor prospect research tool used by dozens of nonprofits. I’d like to welcome you both to the show.

In this episode you'll discover:

When did donor management go from the spreadsheet to the desktop? 02:00

Is there something to be said about excel sheet donor management? 02:32

Why is donor management vital for nonprofits? 05:50

How do I build a prospect list? And various starting points. 07:30

What do you do about people on your list with little info? 09:30

The info you should keep track of through donor management. 10:35

First-hand CRM story about revitalizing a nonprofits fundraising. 15:10

How often should you review your lists? 16:44

What is the difference between prospecting and wealth screening? 17:27

Tips and tricks for successful donor prospecting. 18:40

Why CRM is a great use of your time! 20:10

Coaches Corner question: "We know thanksgiving is a good time to thank donors, but with stewardship in mind, how can we thank donors all year round?" 22:00

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